70 minutes

  • Director: Yonni Usiskin

  • UK (2019 ) 


We meet four individuals suffering various life-hindering conditions who seek to take control of their situation by ending their own lives. This touching documentary gives insight into the organisation Exit international that illegally sources, sells and ships a euthanasia drug, advising users on the process they should follow. Exploring the debate surrounding assisted-suicide without judgement, the film sensitively handles the stories of those who endeavour to experience death on their own terms.  



90 minutes

  • Director: Soheil Beiraghi

  • Iran (2018 ) 


Afrooz has given her life to football. Now, as she is about to captain Iran’s national futsal team to the final of the Asian Nations Cup in Malaysia, her estranged husband exercises his legal right to refuse her permission to leave the country. Thus begins a battle in which the fiercely determined Afrooz uses any means necessary to fight the everyday injustices faced by women in Iran. Exceptionally well-crafted, Permission is a bold, uncompromising look at gender roles in the modern Middle East..



110 minutes

  • Director: Renee Scheltema

  • South Africa (2019) 


A compelling and visually rich film directed by award-winning investigative TV-journalist Renée Scheltema. The film analyzes the big picture of why humans have inadvertently imperiled our planet: climate change, species extinction, the depletion of critical natural resources, and industrial control of our food production. 

The documentary examines how our economic and financial system connects all these issues, and offers solutions which could be implemented immediately, from practical everyday fixes to rethinking the overarching myths of our time. The film takes off on an international voyage, meeting not only prominent experts but also everyday citizens who concentrate on matters such as organic agriculture, the banning of plastic, saving species, ecological economics, sustainable architecture, renewable energy, and more.