105 minutes

  • Director: Tsivia Barkai

  • (2018) 


Set against the backdrop of a religiously tense Jerusalem, Red Cow follows 16-year-old Benny as she experiences her sexual awakening. Gently photographed using a plethora of natural light, this sensual tale develops bathed in twilight as Benny and her lover hide their forbidden relationship from her father. Offering priceless insight into a Jewish community that awaits messiah, and unquestionably forbids homosexuality, this familiar story tackles topics of belonging and identity.



105 minutes

  • Director: Arantxa Echevarria

  • Spain (2018) 


Carmen lives in a gypsy community in the suburbs of Madrid. Like every other woman she has ever met, she is destined to live a life that is repeated generation after generation: getting married and raising as many children as possible. But when she meets Lola, an aspiring teacher and graffiti artist who likes girls, Carmen begins to realise there may be more possibilities in life than just caring for a man. This film unravels the complex relationships between the home, the church and the community, exposing the remarkable ritualistic gender imbalances ingrained within. At its heart, however, Carmen and Lola is simply a beautiful story of love between two women desperate to be understood.



100 minutes

  • Director: Yann Gonzales

  • Cast: Vanessa Paradis

  • France (2018 )


The raw sex appeal of gay club culture takes centre stage in this bizarre Queer horror-thriller from Yann Gonzalez. Vanessa Paradis stars in her most entrancing role to date as the ferocious Anne, a producer of kaleidoscopic gay porn who uses her films to work through her own issues of heartbreak and self-identity. But when her male stars start turning up brutally murdered her work takes a bizarre turn and the lines between reality and erotic fantasy begin to blur. Featuring a killer soundtrack from French electro pop giants M83 and the colourful dreamscapes of every queer kid’s imagination, Yann Gonzalez creates an aesthetic that we are desperate to live in.